Record concentration of microplastics found in Arctic


According to Helen Briggs of BBC News (full article here), record numbers of microplastics ( those less than 5mm long) have been discovered in arctic ice samples. Up to 17 different kinds have been found, demonstrating the breadth of this pattern of contamination. As this frozen water melts and the plastics return to the sea, these particles are gobbled up and by smaller fish and can make their way up the food chain. YIKES!


A leader in the mfg industry demonstrating that leadership!

Today, I met with @ BetsyDeVosED , U.S. Secretary of Education, to discuss @ IPCAssociation ‘s workforce education efforts to help close the skills gap in the electronics manufacturing industry. # manufacturing # skillsgap

Electrolube staff looking gooood!

We have recently revamped our staff uniforms across our manufacturing, lab and despatch department to include a selection of anti-static and flame retardant items along with updated branded lab coats. # ppe