A leader in the mfg industry demonstrating that leadership!

Today, I met with @ BetsyDeVosED , U.S. Secretary of Education, to discuss @ IPCAssociation ‘s workforce education efforts to help close the skills gap in the electronics manufacturing industry. # manufacturing # skillsgap pic.twitter.com/ZaEkY1525Y

Electrolube staff looking gooood!

We have recently revamped our staff uniforms across our manufacturing, lab and despatch department to include a selection of anti-static and flame retardant items along with updated branded lab coats. # ppe pic.twitter.com/OlMOlaw6ej

Silkworms saving lives – Transgenic Silkworms Produce Fluorescent, Bacteria Killing Silk

Fluorescent proteins tend to be toxic, so their clinical applications are sometimes limited and suspect. Researchers from Purdue University and the Korean National Institute of Agricultural Research engineered a new material, made of silk and some genetic engineering, that fluoresces well under green light without causing too much toxicity.

Source: Transgenic Silkworms Produce Fluorescent, Bacteria Killing Silk